Thursday, April 11, 2013

Value Sketching

In my previous post I talked about sketching with the use of a view finder.  This post discusses a variation on this technique and can be done with pencils, markers, or as I did, digitally.  Unlike the previous post, which was mostly done in line, this sketch uses only value to suggest form.  I opened up iTunes, loaded one of my favorite movies and reduced the player window to the smallest size.  I then opened Photoshop and made the canvas size the same as the movie.  I hit Play on the movie and then advanced the play head to some random scene.  Using grayscale and a chalk brush I blocked in the scene in its simplest form.  For the second sketch, I advanced the movie, added a new layer in Photoshop, hid the first one and proceeded to paint the next image.  You could spend hours doing these little paintings - - then cycle through them like a storyboard - - all the while, working on your observational painting skills and internalizing composition/layout techniques from some of the best in the business.

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