Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Book

Woodworkers have a saying, "You can never have too many clamps".  I'm not sure if, "You can never have too many art books" is the art world equivalent, but it works for me.  This book was first published in 1951 and deals more with dynamic poses then with giving you a sequence to follow.  One look through the book and you will immediately know that Mr. Hultgren was at one time a Disney animator.  Below is my version of one of the early drawings - - blocked in lightly in pencil first and then finished with pen - - you can see the dog and a part of the bear still in pencil.  Even with the rough draft to follow, you have to be careful with the pen work as there is no erasing.  Working this way forces you to think about every line and forces you to move on at the same time .

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